Our first blog post

Hello and welcome to the digital front door of Intugreen – and our blog

We are a Copenhagen based creative studio, designing and developing purpose-driven projects. We collaborate with companies and public institutions on small and big scale projects. Common for all projects we do; they are aligned with at least two of our values – play, passion, and purpose.


You might share the same thoughts about a blog as we have: What should I post? Is anyone interested in what I write? Will anyone read it? What is the purpose of the blog? All the questions, doubts, and concerns can prevent you from starting a blog – it certainly has prevented us from writing so far.

However, we are ready now. We want to give back to the online community. Our blog will serve three purposes:


We will share the projects, that we are working on, and give you insights on our design and development process, and reflections on the way


We will share thoughts and learnings on web design, print design, programming languages (e.g. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, Ioinc, Bootstrap, React Native), visual storytelling, and digital educational platforms


We will share articles, resources, and ideas that we are inspired by and interested in.

We will also share our posts on our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We muted the commentary track on the blog – we are not ready to handle that yet 😁, however, you are very welcome to give feedback, comments, or reach out to us at info@intugreen.dk.

Have a wonderful day 😊

Marta, Rasmus, Pablo, and Stine