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Starting with nature
we tailor our interactive experiences,

that opens your senses to everything around you.

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Digital “Senses” Garden

Feel and experience nature through all your senses, just where you are.

The Digital “Senses” Garden is a sensual journey based on the nature around you and invites you to a guided discovery of the health-promoting potentials of nature. Our Digital Sense Garden can be placed in any park or green space, to bring tranquility to everyday stress.


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Interactive City Safari

Give life and character to the city playgrounds, parks,
and unused urban spaces.

The interactive City Safari is a platform where the art of digital storytelling brings your urban space to life and shows you the extraordinary in the ordinary. Your users will discover the city and nature through new eyes and reveal all your city’s secret and marvelous stories.


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Nature Experimentarium

From traditional learning to exploratory learning.

Nature Experimentarium is a learning format, which challenges traditional learning processes and puts your senses and curious mind in play through entertaining and educational activities. It is built around three modules and is adapted to the specific educational subject that you find relevant. Never has a learning process been more engaging, versatile, moving for students of all ages.


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