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– Explore the city,
the culture, and the nature around you.

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Dissemination in new formats


The Interactive Citysafari is an experience universe for schools, families with children, and childlike souls.
You can find fun and educational activities with the app, Intugreen, which puts your body and brain in motion.

Discover the city, the culture and nature in a different way when you open a universe of secret stories, marvelous tales, and comic characters.




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Get started

We have made it easy for you to get started creating fun experiences for the city’s citizens and visitors. Choose what content you want from our hotspot-catalog and get started quickly.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Select the universes you want from our inspiration catalog
  • Find out where to place your hotspots
  • Download the app, Intugreen, and start your Interactive Citysafari


Tailor made experiences

We design and develop digital experiences in the physical space – it may be at the city’s playgrounds, green oases, cultural history monuments, blue lagoons or just where you want it to be.

Let’s create a universe together.

With our professional expertise in creative communication, interaction design and user experiences, we develop an Interactive Citysafari, which is fun, educational and creates movement for all the city’s citizens.
Contact us and consult.

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The experiences

are out there

they are

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