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Go on a journey
of discovery in your city

Activate a new nature universe around you with the Intugreen mobile app. The app allows you to discover new details and explore your surroundings in an entertaining way. The app guides you to digital hotspots and exciting content is enabled when you are within a short radius.


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Get started

  1. Download Intugreen in App Store or Google Play
  2. Turn on GPS on your phone
  3. Tie your laces and explore

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See you outside!

You can explore the city and the nature with Intugreen. Discover trees, historical monuments, playgrounds, city walls, and much more comes alive through narrative animations. Also notice a physical and mental presence with a mindfully meditation.

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Download Intugreen

Download Intugreen and explore on your own, with a friend, or with your family. There are activities that everyone can participate in, provide challenges and competition, and of course just be present as well!