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– a mental breathing space,
that roots you in the present.

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Et mentalt åndehul i byen

I århundreder har litterære forfattere beskrevet naturoplevelser – glæden ved naturen,
den fred og ro i sindet, der opstår, når man hører vinden suse i bladene, bølgeskvulp i strandkanten, vandløbets rislen og det storslåede udsyn fra bakketoppen.

The Digital Sensory Garden is a digital breath filled with sensual activities that give you peace of mind, calm in the present, and experience of presence, while strengthens your joy of life and creativity as well.

Discover how you are rooted in the moment with small exercises that utilize the nature’s health-promoting potentials.

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The gifts of nature

It is scientifically proven that nature has a health-promoting effect – you will be happier, more creative and less stressed by being in nature.

Mental well-being

Active and mental breaks in nature contribute to your physical well being, reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and production of stress hormones.

Active breaks

Nature strengthens your ability to solve issues and increases productivity. It is seen on brain scans that nature affects the place in the brain that is associated with empathy and love.



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Nature Therapy

The Digital Sensory Garden is about body therapy and mindfulness, breathing exercises and sensory sensations.

The Digital Sensory Garden is about working consciously with you physical and mental state and presence by using the energies and the nature elements wherever you are. Based on the nature you guide through an inner exploration where you will experience that you slowly melts together with yours surroundings.

The nature is health promoting in many ways, and research points to the fact that the nature makes you happier, healthier, more creative, and reduces stress in the body.

We recommend you to read about the research project, Therapy-garden Nacadia®, from Copenhagen University, if you are interested to read more about therapy-gardens.

Read about Terapihaven Nacadia®

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