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Imagine if we could

inspire you to see

the special

n the ordinary-

Right there where you stand

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We develop interactive experiencesand learning universes

through digital storytelling


We develop

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The team behind

Stine Casparij Kondrup

Creative director

Jonas Rathsach Andersen

Content director

Jessica Rae Thomsen

Designer and Web Developer

Magdalena Alicja Drgas

Multimedia Designer and Web Developer

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Do you want to play with us?

We are always open to new skills in Intugreen.

If you would like to work with us, please contact us for more information.

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Even though we are small – we can make a sustainable difference

Intugreen is based on the conviction of the nature’s positive effects; to learn in and of the nature plays an important role in our worldview, curiosity and creativity – and the exploitation of the nature’s treasury must be handled with respect. It is therefore important to us to inspire and convey the qualities of the nature while building and running a business with care and sustainability.

We follow the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We use the goals as a compass to develop the company and ensure that the decisions we make are responsible. ‘You can always do better’ – We acknowledges that we are in a process where the company will be limited by resources to make the most sustainable decision, but we strive to always challenge the status quo.

Read about UN’s 17 Goals

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